Most Frequently Asked Questions on CSI Anti Covid-19 Equipment and Products:

Is the product safe?

It is water-based, food safe and non-toxic so it’s safe to use it is also safe for the environment.

Does subsequent cleaning remove the protective treatment?

No it does not. The product bonds to surfaces so will not be removed, even by chlorine cleaning.

Does the product set off fire or smoke detectors?

The method statements for correct application avoid the risk of setting off fire or smoke detectors. Also, it is an ultra-fine water-based mist, not a smoke. .

Does it affect artwork?

We would recommend that uncovered artwork should be covered or removed during treatment.

Is it safe for kitchen and food preparation areas?

The product is designated as food safe. We recommend that plates, cups and trays are moved so the spray will reach the surface that you want to protect.

How soon can we re-enter treated areas?

A slight scent may linger for up to 3 hours, but it is safe to re-enter treated areas within 15 minutes.

Does the product damage furniture?

It is approved as a fabric treatment. However, as it is applied as a fine mist, we would recommend removing any items made from materials that are particularly water sensitive. For example, suede.

How does it work
Once applied, the disinfectant forms a layer of microscopic positively-charged silane polymer pins, just one molecule thick. These attract pathogens and rupture their cell membranes, deactivating them.
Does the disinfectant affect allergies?

Independent laboratory tests have shown no allergy-related concerns. If you have a particular sensitivity, we recommend you seek medical advice before using the treatment.

Is the disinfectant effective against other pathogens?

Yes it is. As a broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent, it is highly-effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, including mould.

Can we leave our paperwork?

We recommend that loose paper is covered or placed in a drawer to expose surfaces being treated.

Is it safe for IT equipment, computers and phones?

The electrostatic spray does not affect desktop IT equipment or phones. It is not recommended for sensitive or open-cased IT equipment such as server rooms.